Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are a great way to make money using your computer and the Internet. The process looks something like this: you choose a platform, apply for interesting projects, complete tasks and get paid. The best freelance websites are listed below.

Freelance Website - Fiverr is a freelance website that allows you to sell your talents and make money from your unique abilities and skills. Here you don’t look for a client or a project yourself, but put your services up for sale. For example, a writer of texts, SEO specialist, artist-designer, website creator, model, foreign language teacher, and you can find remote work in many other areas. The platform was launched in 2010, and since then, many people have found jobs here online.

Freelance Websites - Guru com is one of the oldest websites providing high quality services for both employers and freelancers. It brings together freelancers and employers from all corners of the globe. You can find freelancers from the USA, Europe, Asia and so on. The total number of users is 3 million. The leading niches among freelancers are programming and development, translation and writing, marketing, business and finance, engineering and architecture, education and training.

Freelance Websites - Upwork com is an international website for remote work. It is considered one of the most popular freelancing sites in the world, with thousands of new jobs posted here every day. The site is entirely and only in English and there are a lot of jobs in various fields, and even a specialist in a narrow profile can find a job. When compiling a profile take more time and pay attention to filling in the details and apply all the marketing rules about catchy wording and conciseness of phrases.

How do I make money as a freelancer?

Freelance is attractive with its free hours and the possibility of choosing the work you want to do, but most start-ups are afraid to leave their offices for fear of not finding a job and being out of money.

At first it is advisable to combine freelancing with your main job. You will get tired, but you won’t have to worry that you won’t have enough money for the things you need. Once you have stable clients and money, then it’s time to think about a full-time move to freelancing. At the top you can read about the most popular freelancing websites.

You need to be prepared to do simple and cheap jobs. Such orders have one advantage: they do not require any special knowledge, which means that you will not spend a lot of time doing them. How much you earn will depend on your speed and the quality of your work.

The better the portfolio and the more reviews, the higher the chance that you will be given more complex and expensive projects. Therefore, at the very beginning it is important to work on your reputation and establish yourself as a responsible performer who does not breach deadlines and does the work well.

When you feel confident in your abilities, start looking for higher-paying jobs. At this stage, the choice of project should be approached very responsibly: sometimes a few small jobs can bring more money for less time than one large-scale job.

In addition to freelancing sites, it is worth engaging other ways of finding clients, from personal acquaintances to social networks.

What is the right way to work as a freelancer?

Choose your specialisation: if you make websites, draw logos and write texts at the same time, it will be much harder to make money, as you won’t develop skills in either area.

Then analyse the freelance sites and orders for them, choose a few of the most suitable ones, and then fill in your profile. A customer should immediately see your strengths and skills. Think about what sets you apart from other freelancers and put an emphasis on it.

5 tips for beginners in freelancing.

These simple tips will help you get started as a freelancer, organise your workflow, perform your tasks well and save yourself a lot of trouble.

1. Do less and better

Always take as much work as you know you can do well and on time. It is better to get less money at first, but show yourself to be a responsible performer and get bigger orders as a result.

2. Don’t break deadlines.

If you have a habit of putting things off until the last minute, work on yourself and allocate time. Nothing hurts your reputation like not meeting deadlines. If you do, give the customer advance warning and try to work it out.

3.Don’t work with dubious clients.

If you are already aware when you are discussing an order that you are dealing with a difficult customer, it is better to turn down the order and lose the money. Otherwise, you will risk wasting a lot more time and nerves on solving problems and countless edits.

4. Think about how to increase your income.

Don’t limit yourself to tried-and-true schemes, leave time to try yourself in a new niche or test a new way of getting clients. This way there will always be an opportunity to get more interesting offers.

5. Work on your portfolio.

An up-to-date portfolio will help you stand out from the competition and show what you can do.

Freelance jobs can be combined with other ways of making money online, for example, if you are into photography, you can earn extra money from stock photo sites. I also recommend that you look at earning money from affiliate programmes. Popular affiliate networks can be a good source of income.

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