Stock Photo Sites

There are sites on the internet where you can make money from photos, drawings and vector images. These sites are called stock photo sites or photostocks.

The advantage of earning with photostocks is that once you work to create a photo, the photo starts working for you, generating passive profits, an infinite number of times. You will earn money in royalties for every upload of your images. This means that the more images and photos you make and upload to your portfolio on photostock, the more downloads you will get, and therefore the more money you will earn. Below you will find the leading stock photo sites. Choose the one you like, register, upload your images and earn money!

Dreamstime - Stock Photo Sites is one of the stock photography websites where photographers and graphic authors can sell the results of their creativity. This international site has been around for a long time and is almost ideal for beginners. It has a simple registration process where no documents are required and there is no exam procedure. Another plus is that the service is quite loyal to the quality of the material and accepts vector and RAW images — such formats are more expensive than high-quality JPG images.

Depositphotos -Stock Photo Sites is an international photo bank that mediates between image authors and their buyers. The company provides services to clients from all over the world, supporting them in 20 languages. If you create content such as photographs, illustrations, vector images, as well as videos, you should try to collaborate with this site. What do you need for that? Register, upload your top five images and a copy of your ID and wait for the exam.

ShutterStock - Stock Photo Sites is one of the largest sites where you can sell photos, videos, illustrations and vector images. Shutterstock has the largest library of photos, images and video files of any photostock. The collection consists of more than 370 million files. When registering as an author, you must pass an exam by uploading your top 10 works. Please note that the requirements for the works to be uploaded are high here. 7 works must be accepted in order to cooperate.

How much money can I make from stock photo sites?

How much you earn depends on desire, talent and, I would even say, luck. There is no point in saying exactly how much. Everything is individual. If you choose the model of cooperation with multiple downloads of 1 photo or picture, you are paid an average of $0.15 for 1 download. You will earn as many downloads as you make. It is recommended to have a portfolio of about 1000 high-quality images.

Making money from stock photo sites is quite realistic, but don’t expect quick big money. It can take a lot of time to learn how photostocks work, create a portfolio, and choose a service that is right for you. However, with diligence and the right approach, stock photo sites can be turned into a stable source of passive income.

6 useful tips for newcomers to stock photo websites

1. I recommend working with stock photo sites where there is no exam first. Learn how it all works, what quality of photos is required.
2. Choose 2-3 stock photo sites to work with. Compare the results, choose the site that suits you best.
3. Study the rules and requirements carefully.
4. Think about keywords for your images — it will take time, but it will also bring you sales. For one image, it’s best to choose 10 keywords that most accurately describe the subject of the image.
5. Keep in mind that light, bright and positive images attract more customers, which means they sell better.
6. The key to success is to create quality and relevant content. To create popular photos that will be downloaded, learn about photostock trends.

Types of licences on stock photo sites

There are 3 options for making money on photostocks, depending on the type of licence.
1.Exclusive author
You can place your own photos only on 1 stock photo site.
2.Exclusive work
You publish work which can be bought only 1 time. Such content costs more.
3.Non-exclusive entries
You publish your work on different stock photo sites. The image can be downloaded many times. Such photos cost less, but you can earn passively.

You can combine different ways of earning money to make more money. For example, earning money from stock photo sites can be combined with paid surveys or with work in affiliate networks. If, of course, time permits, and not to the detriment of leisure and personal life. Good luck!

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